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Star Light, Star Bright

Every Friday at Pretty Broke is ‘Unique Piece Friday,’ wherein I talk about a unique piece of decor in my apartment. At least, unique to me. Really, just something I want to show off especially.

This week I present my beautiful light-up star. It’s made of metal so it harkens back to my metal decor post this week. I got it at a local cultural/religious festival here in Cleveland called The Feast of the Assumption, or more commonly just, “The Feast.” The festival takes place on a street lined with shops and restaurants, and I bought my star in a store that sells wine downstairs and home decor upstairs. A dream!

It cost about twenty dollars, if I remember correctly. It’s been about six years since I bought it. I usually feature it in my Christmas decor, as well.

It may not look like much during the day, while it’s turned off…

But check it out at night!

It takes 3 AA batteries and has two settings. In one mode the colors change constantly (shown here) and in the other one it remains a steady color. You can see how it throws patterns on the walls when it’s lit up as well.

I absolutely adore it. Best random find ever!