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A Lantern to Light the Way–Bringing Old World Charm Into Your Home

Some beautiful gifts.

I love the look of lanterns. They’re one of my favorite aesthetics. I don’t own nearly enough of them, and I think we know the solution to that, don’t we? I love it when the Universe gives you a reason to go shopping.

Most of the lanterns I do have are gifts from my son. He’s been gifting me with one every Christmas for a few years. Those are the colorful ones you see in the picture. You can also see I have a few more out on my balcony (one that I ‘weathered’ by simply leaving it outside all the time). There’s an old world, mystical charm to lanterns that I just adore. Sometimes I burn candles in them, but regardless, I just really like their look, lit up or not.

I see lanterns in bargain stores and second hand stores all the time, so they can definitely be a cheap bit of decor. I’ll let you know when I acquire more! My only caution is that, if you get cheap ones, make sure the materials they’re made out of are safe to burn candles inside, if you intend to do so. No one wants a melted lantern.

Lanterns bring a bit of old fashioned charm into your house. There are many different styles, from rustic to Eastern to modern, depending on what sort of look you’re going for. If you like to use candles, they provide another outlet for burning them. Outdoor lanterns are another great way to brighten up your outside space.

Lanterns can be seasonal items too, such as in fall and around Christmastime. Or even on summer nights! They make great cheap decoration that adds to the ambiance of your holiday and seasonal decorating. Again, make sure they’re safe before burning candles inside them.

Now, I’m off to go bargain hunt some lanterns! I’ll be sure to take pictures.

Items Featured In Pictures

All items are listed, to the best of my memory, where I bought them, and their approximate price at the time of purchase. Relevant links to retailers or specific items are included where possible. Please note: I am not paid by any retailer, organization, or product to promote anything on this blog. This is for informational purposes only.

  • White lantern – Dollar General ~$5
  • Tall light blue lantern – Marc’s (Cleveland discount store) ~$6
  • Colorful lanterns – These were all gifts from my son, but I believe he got them on Amazon


The Beauty Of Candles–A Simple, Cheap, but Elegant Way to Decorate

Even if you’re not burning candles, the holders can make a statement.

What is the cheapest, fastest, simplest way to bring light and elegance to a room, and make it more inviting? Add a cat, of course! Wait…no, they’re neither cheap nor simple. Let’s try this again.

Obviously, I’m talking about candles!

I have to admit, I’m not currently as into candles as I used to be. Not that I don’t still love, use, and own a bunch of them, but I’m nowhere near the fanatic I once was. During my peak ‘candle decorating’ phase, if I had lit all my candles at once someone would have called the fire department. It probably would have been me, because my house would be a bonfire. I burned candles a lot, day and night. And I went all out with them for special occasions, like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Tuesday.

Candles are the cheapest form of decor, and they’re so easy to use compared to the amount of ambiance they provide. Even cheap candles come in many colors, shapes, and sizes. You don’t have to break the bank to fill your house with warmth and light.

It smells too good to burn it away!

I love scented candles. Particularly, ones that smell like baked goods and foods. I don’t like floral or perfume-y scents. It just doesn’t appeal to my nose. All my candles are scented, but of course, you can use candles to your preference. Some people can’t tolerate or don’t enjoy scents, and that’s fine. Luckily there are plenty of candles out there that don’t have scents and are still beautiful and add a ‘spark’ of beauty.

You might be interested in reading up on the different waxes candles can be made from and how they affect burn time, scent, and the chemicals and residues that are released. I dabbled in candle-making for a bit. I know, you’re surprised. Me, fixated on candles, trying to make them! However, I found that I enjoy using them much more when I don’t have to put work into them. Also, I was terrible at it.

Candle safety is an important part of their use. Not only because of the fire hazard, but the health hazards their burn-off can pose, as well as the risks of hot wax. It’s a good idea to learn a bit about the different types of candle wax and how they affect the environment of your home.

As I said, I prefer scented candles. I have a stringent placement for my scents, though. Because, as you might have noticed by now, I’m a bit of a control freak about my decor, down to the smells that pervade it. It will probably say “her house smelled good” on my gravestone, because that’s what everyone tells me. It’s my favorite compliment.

I like food scents, but they must fit the seasons: fruity and sweet smells in the spring, such as peach and blackberry. Tropical scents in the summer, like pineapple and coconut. Fall is when the baked goods come out: cookies, apple pie, hazelnut, and you absolutely know it, pumpkin spice! I would have to give up my street cred if I didn’t indulge in pumpkin spice. And winter is for cranberry, peppermint, and hot cocoa. Also, I make sure if I’m burning more than one candle in a room, the scents blend well. Heaven forbid!

The baby ones are so cute!

My favorite scented candles come from Our Own Candle Company. They have their own website and also sell their candles on Amazon. My son buys me a new one for my birthday and Christmas every year, and is in fact the one who introduced me to them. He’s my dealer. Shh, don’t tell.

Important note: I am not being paid to advertise or promote for them, I just love their candles!

Let’s talk about another cheap and beautiful piece of decor that goes right along with candles: candle holders! It doesn’t matter if you have a plain, simple candle if you have a beautiful candle holder to put it in. It turns ugly duckling candles into shimmering, blazing swans.

Oof, maybe not the best visual. But you get the idea.

Cheap but pretty.

I probably at this point have more candle holders than candles to put in them, again harkening back to my super-candle-obsession phase. That’s fine, because I still like the holders on their own. I have a lot of tealight type holders, and tealights can be bought in large quantities–50 to 100 or more–for fairly cheap. I like to use them during the holidays. You can spot a few of these tealight holders in my kitchen post as well as my post earlier this week about metal pieces.

Dollar General always seems to have a lot of lovely, cheap candle holders that I snatch up. I’ve found some pretty ones in secondhand stores too. And of course, if someone has a candle holder they don’t want anymore, they know who to give it to!

The best thing about being a candle lover is that I never have to worry about power outages. I’m well-prepared and most my friends know this. I’ve definitely had friends and neighbors come over to borrow a candle when the electricity went out. It’s my civic duty to spread light, I suppose.

Let’s light up the room! But, safely, of course.

Items Featured In Pictures

All items are listed, to the best of my memory, where I bought them, and their approximate price at the time of purchase. Relevant links to retailers or specific items are included where possible. Please note: I am not paid by any retailer, organization, or product to promote anything on this blog. This is for informational purposes only.

  • Pink candle holder – Dollar General ~$5
  • Gold glass candle holders – Gift
  • Orange Moroccan candle holder – Dollar General ~$5
  • Glass mosaic candle holder – KMart ~$10
  • Mosaic candle holder pair (short and tall) – Seventh Avenue ~$30
  • Cream house butter toffee candle – Dollar General ~$3
  • Pink candle (in lighthouse) – Dollar General ~$3
  • Green, yellow, and blue flower candle holders (these originally had stands as well) – Dollar General ~$5
  • Blue candle holder – Target ~$5
  • Our Own Candle Company candles – Various prices, check out links in the post.