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Decorating With Glass–Easy, Cheap, and Pretty

Glass comes in so many colors.

If you have young children or rambunctious pets, you might want to skip this post. If you don’t, or you’re brave, or you just have really high shelves, then go ahead and stick around. My cat was actually a glass-shattering tornado when she was a kitten, but now in her old age she no longer feels the urge to destroy anything within her leaping range. I guess we all mature as we age, right?

At least glass decor can be really cheap–so if it breaks, that’s okay. Obviously, I’m not talking about Swarovski crystal or Tiffany lamps. But second hand and discount stores are full of beautiful glass, and you can always lie and tell people it’s a really rare, pricey piece. Unless they’re some glass scientist how are they gonna know anyway, huh?

A great thing about glass is there’s so much variation. It’s not just bottles and vases. Glass pieces have many different styles, colors, and uses. From glass tabletops to wall decor, to hanging items and shelf pieces, there’s plenty of variety and versatility.

Though I love the look of glass, I don’t have nearly enough of it. You might have noticed it shows up here and there in some of my previous posts. I’m just in the infancy of my ‘decorate the entire house with glass’ phase, I suppose. Check back in the winter and see if I’ve suitably ramped up my obsession with it. As long as I don’t get distracted by something else shiny, I will probably have grown my collection respectably by then. It’s good to have goals!

The white car in the background is mine. I know, you were expecting it to be pink, weren’t you?

The majority of my glass is on the windowsill in my bedroom. Mostly because the glass pieces I do have work well with the colors in my bedroom. I’m a bit girly, as you can tell. I like pastels, vibrant tones, and definitely pink. Everyone in my life knows if they’re going to buy me a gift, they should try to find it in pink.

The funny part is, way back in the day, I used to very much be into darker colors, and more stoic, plain, neutral looks. A lot of my decor was black, deep reds, and browns. I don’t know at what point it started to shift, but it did. And I don’t even know why! My tastes just changed over time and I wanted to brighten things up and make my life more colorful. I wasn’t always this way. I guess this is part of life, though. What suits us one year may not suit us the next. This is true in everything, not just making your house pretty.

Decorating your space should focus on what brings you joy and what you like to look at. You don’t have to stick with one style your entire life. People change and tastes shift. You aren’t selling out or losing your identity if you change your style. It just means you get to decorate again!

I recommend trying out some glass, if you don’t have any in your space already. Find some at a thrift store or yard sale first, and see how you like it. It’s easy to clean, either with a damp cloth or window cleaner. It catches the light too. I think it goes well with just about any tone or style of decor. Even if your space has a more organic feel, it will fit right in.

Mirrors are great too. They make a space look more wide and open. Even small mirrors can create this sort of illusion.

Items Featured In Pictures

All items are listed, to the best of my memory, where I bought them, and their approximate price at the time of purchase. Relevant links to retailers or specific items are included where possible. Please note: I am not paid by any retailer, organization, or product to promote anything on this blog. This is for informational purposes only.


The Beauty Of Candles–A Simple, Cheap, but Elegant Way to Decorate

Even if you’re not burning candles, the holders can make a statement.

What is the cheapest, fastest, simplest way to bring light and elegance to a room, and make it more inviting? Add a cat, of course! Wait…no, they’re neither cheap nor simple. Let’s try this again.

Obviously, I’m talking about candles!

I have to admit, I’m not currently as into candles as I used to be. Not that I don’t still love, use, and own a bunch of them, but I’m nowhere near the fanatic I once was. During my peak ‘candle decorating’ phase, if I had lit all my candles at once someone would have called the fire department. It probably would have been me, because my house would be a bonfire. I burned candles a lot, day and night. And I went all out with them for special occasions, like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Tuesday.

Candles are the cheapest form of decor, and they’re so easy to use compared to the amount of ambiance they provide. Even cheap candles come in many colors, shapes, and sizes. You don’t have to break the bank to fill your house with warmth and light.

It smells too good to burn it away!

I love scented candles. Particularly, ones that smell like baked goods and foods. I don’t like floral or perfume-y scents. It just doesn’t appeal to my nose. All my candles are scented, but of course, you can use candles to your preference. Some people can’t tolerate or don’t enjoy scents, and that’s fine. Luckily there are plenty of candles out there that don’t have scents and are still beautiful and add a ‘spark’ of beauty.

You might be interested in reading up on the different waxes candles can be made from and how they affect burn time, scent, and the chemicals and residues that are released. I dabbled in candle-making for a bit. I know, you’re surprised. Me, fixated on candles, trying to make them! However, I found that I enjoy using them much more when I don’t have to put work into them. Also, I was terrible at it.

Candle safety is an important part of their use. Not only because of the fire hazard, but the health hazards their burn-off can pose, as well as the risks of hot wax. It’s a good idea to learn a bit about the different types of candle wax and how they affect the environment of your home.

As I said, I prefer scented candles. I have a stringent placement for my scents, though. Because, as you might have noticed by now, I’m a bit of a control freak about my decor, down to the smells that pervade it. It will probably say “her house smelled good” on my gravestone, because that’s what everyone tells me. It’s my favorite compliment.

I like food scents, but they must fit the seasons: fruity and sweet smells in the spring, such as peach and blackberry. Tropical scents in the summer, like pineapple and coconut. Fall is when the baked goods come out: cookies, apple pie, hazelnut, and you absolutely know it, pumpkin spice! I would have to give up my street cred if I didn’t indulge in pumpkin spice. And winter is for cranberry, peppermint, and hot cocoa. Also, I make sure if I’m burning more than one candle in a room, the scents blend well. Heaven forbid!

The baby ones are so cute!

My favorite scented candles come from Our Own Candle Company. They have their own website and also sell their candles on Amazon. My son buys me a new one for my birthday and Christmas every year, and is in fact the one who introduced me to them. He’s my dealer. Shh, don’t tell.

Important note: I am not being paid to advertise or promote for them, I just love their candles!

Let’s talk about another cheap and beautiful piece of decor that goes right along with candles: candle holders! It doesn’t matter if you have a plain, simple candle if you have a beautiful candle holder to put it in. It turns ugly duckling candles into shimmering, blazing swans.

Oof, maybe not the best visual. But you get the idea.

Cheap but pretty.

I probably at this point have more candle holders than candles to put in them, again harkening back to my super-candle-obsession phase. That’s fine, because I still like the holders on their own. I have a lot of tealight type holders, and tealights can be bought in large quantities–50 to 100 or more–for fairly cheap. I like to use them during the holidays. You can spot a few of these tealight holders in my kitchen post as well as my post earlier this week about metal pieces.

Dollar General always seems to have a lot of lovely, cheap candle holders that I snatch up. I’ve found some pretty ones in secondhand stores too. And of course, if someone has a candle holder they don’t want anymore, they know who to give it to!

The best thing about being a candle lover is that I never have to worry about power outages. I’m well-prepared and most my friends know this. I’ve definitely had friends and neighbors come over to borrow a candle when the electricity went out. It’s my civic duty to spread light, I suppose.

Let’s light up the room! But, safely, of course.

Items Featured In Pictures

All items are listed, to the best of my memory, where I bought them, and their approximate price at the time of purchase. Relevant links to retailers or specific items are included where possible. Please note: I am not paid by any retailer, organization, or product to promote anything on this blog. This is for informational purposes only.

  • Pink candle holder – Dollar General ~$5
  • Gold glass candle holders – Gift
  • Orange Moroccan candle holder – Dollar General ~$5
  • Glass mosaic candle holder – KMart ~$10
  • Mosaic candle holder pair (short and tall) – Seventh Avenue ~$30
  • Cream house butter toffee candle – Dollar General ~$3
  • Pink candle (in lighthouse) – Dollar General ~$3
  • Green, yellow, and blue flower candle holders (these originally had stands as well) – Dollar General ~$5
  • Blue candle holder – Target ~$5
  • Our Own Candle Company candles – Various prices, check out links in the post.


The Charm Of Metal Decor–Add a Sleek, Modern Look

I have a confession to make: I’m a metalhead.

It’s art!

No, actually, metal music is a bit too rough for me, but I do like to decorate with metal. You may have noticed in my previous posts, such as in the kitchen and bathroom, there are various metal pieces here and there. I also have an elaborate metal bed frame, but I’ll be talking about that in a future post. I’ll also, in the future, be showing off my numerous wind chimes, which is more metal. Or mental? When you see the sheer number of wind chimes I have (inside the house no less), you might begin to question my sanity.

But, for today! I have a few larger, more dramatic metal pieces (mostly in my living room) to share with you. They’re actually somewhat classy, which as you’ve surely noticed by now is a rarity for me. This is also one of those posts where the things I’m showing you are a bit more on the expensive side (at least for me). However, in sticking with the theme of this blog–and my life–there are a few cheaper pieces mixed in too.

Metal is sleek and modern. It adds an inorganic touch to an otherwise ‘soft’ and cozy space like my own and can be quite striking. I like the dichotomy. A little bit of hardware mixed in with the software.

Of course, I like my metal colorful to match the rest of my decor. I’m not one for chromes and grays. I don’t want my apartment to look like the inside of a spaceship. Unless, maybe, it’s a really groovy spaceship buzzing through a sparkling galaxy, full of shimmering ribbons of rainbow-hued space clouds. This is all starting to sound a bit Lisa Frank, I know. I’ll stop with my space fantasy.

Here comes the sun.

Another great thing about metal is that it’s easy to clean. A good dusting every now and then, and if need be, a wipe down with a damp cloth. I have a lot of stuff, so trust me, I like to make cleaning as easy as possible! At some point I need to stop decorating before it outstrips my ambition to clean it all. I don’t want my place to end up looking like those elaborately decorated but dusty, cobweb-draped cliche old houses in scary movies.

As I said, some of the pieces I own are more on the pricey side, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s plenty of cheap and beautiful metal decor out there. And, I’m sure mine aren’t even what a ‘real’ decorator would call expensive. But considering how much of my stuff I bought for under five bucks, it is to me!

Metal can be a cheap but classy way to decorate. Pieces can be found at yard and rummage sales, or second hand stores, and metal is long-lasting and durable, so even older stuff will still look nice. If you do find something cheap that needs a little attention, a good wipe down or polishing can bring it right back to life.

In short, metal is shiny, clean, smooth, and doesn’t have to be dull and monochromatic if that’s not your style. It’s a nice touch even if you have a flowing, organic space, as it can provide contrast and divide things up a bit. It can make a space look modern very easily, if that’s what you want. On the other hand, it can also be old-timey and rustic if you go for an aged, faded, or weathered style. I do like the rustic look, though I haven’t attempted it in my home yet. Maybe that’s something for the next time I get the urge to redecorate.

I need to collect some more metal pieces. More metal! More on the cheap! Time to take a trip to the thrift store, methinks.

Items Featured In Pictures

All items are listed, to the best of my memory, where I bought them, and their approximate price at the time of purchase. Relevant links to retailers or specific items are included where possible. Please note: I am not paid by any retailer, organization, or product to promote anything on this blog. This is for informational purposes only.

  • Colorful abstract artwork (next to the lamp) – Gift from a friend who found it and thought I would appreciate it more than him. He wasn’t wrong!
  • Squares – Seventh Avenue ~$40 for the set
  • Geometric artwork with candle holders – Seventh Avenue ~$85
  • Fireplace screen – Yes, that’s what it is! But since I have no fireplace, it fits perfectly into an alcove in my hallway. – Seventh Avenue ~$50
  • Circular sun and flowers wall art – Seventh Avenue ~$60
  • Rainbow spinner – Amazon ~$17