A Lighthouse In the Living Room

Every Friday at Pretty Broke is ‘Unique Piece Friday,’ wherein I talk about a unique piece of decor in my apartment. At least, unique to me. Really, just something I want to show off especially.

Fresh off my sea themed bathroom this week, I’d like to show you another piece of nautically themed decor I own. Unfortunately, it’s too big to fit in the bathroom, but that’s okay. It stands in my living room instead and gets lots of compliments.

It’s a lighthouse shelf! Approximately six feet tall. The top is removable so you can insert a candle, or whatever light source your heart desires.

I got this 5 or 6 years ago from Seventh Avenue and it cost $200, well worth the splurge (and you can see those seahorses on the wall (in the listing) are also in my bathroom). It consists of three pieces, which insert into each other, and the shelves can be folded up, so it’s easy to move. It’s lightweight, as well. It’s one of my favorite things in my apartment!

Yes, those are my cat’s toys on the bottom shelf. She likes to toss her decorating ideas in as well. The items on the other shelves I will cover in future posts.

No matter where I roam, my lighthouse will always guide me home!

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