A Stained Glass Dish

Every Friday here at Pretty Broke will be ‘Unique Piece Friday,’ wherein I talk about a unique piece of decor in my apartment. At least, unique to me. Really, just something I want to show off especially.

I decided to start with one of my favorite pieces, which graces the foyer of my apartment. It’s a much-talked about piece, and I display it proudly, because I love it. A huge, gorgeous, red stained glass dish.


The stand came free with it, too.

As far as the other items in the picture, that’s a Google Home mini on the table. I got it free with my Spotify subscription. The pink lamp was left behind by the former renters and my property manager (knowing I love pink) bequeathed it to me. The candleholders on the left, I’ll talk about in a later post. The table I had to put together and it’s woefully wobbly. You wouldn’t want to eat off it so I just use it for displaying things. It think it was around $30 from Amazon. I’ve had it for a long time.

The most expensive thing in this picture is actually the light bulb in the lamp. It’s a Philips Hue bulb. I can speak to it (actually to my Echo) to turn it on and off, as well as change the color.

If I only paid eight dollars for the dish, I guess I deserve to splurge a little on the light bulb!

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